People Passing

It’s a bit striking, how many people have passed away in the last month or so. Back in December, Jim at Debbie’s work passed away unexpectedly. I guess he didn’t show up to work, and it was very unlike him, so her boss and a tech went to Jim’s house to find him on the floor, deceased. They aren’t sure if maybe he had a heart attack and collapsed, or what exactly happened. It’s sad, I really liked Jim. He worked in the front, and I would always see him when I went to pick Debbie up for lunch. He loved watches, and even brought his in to show me, was always excited to see new ones I had bought. I will definitely miss him. And he was in great shape. I believe he was around 60 y/o..?

Then Tuesday, I got a text from my daughter that someone I know from my using days, a lady who went by “Turtle” had passed away. She was probably about my age. I don’t think she ever quit using, and she did quite a bit of meth, was a dealer for most of the time I knew her, so it’s possible that had something to do with it, though we don’t know for sure. Of course, I know people, aka my ex’s boyfriend, who have used a LOT, are much older, and are still plugging along. So it’s still a bit of a surprise.

Then yesterday, I got a text from Galen that he had found out that one of his childhood friends, a kid named Dino, had passed away. That one was REALLY surprising, because he couldn’t have been more than 25. I asked Galen if he knew what happened, and he said that Demir (Dino’s brother) didn’t want to talk about it. It’s possible it was some kind of accident – we just don’t know. But suffice it to say, it’s crazy to think. The people from past generations always said “things come in 3’s,” and perhaps that is a patter this falls into.

It has me wondering though what times we are living in right now. Of course, I have thought this many times before, a regular Chicken Little am I lol. But the stuff with Trump, the disclosure, all of these deaths – it does have me wondering. I’m not quite sure what other sign would seal – Revelation pun – it for me. I guess time will tell.

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