Nothing new really, but feel like I should write

Yeah, I can’t think of anything new really, but – well, like the title says lol. I did watch a really cool movie called “Embrace of the Serpent” about an Amazonian shaman, and an explorer, told over 2 periods where the shaman was like 40, and then later when he is older. It was excellent – one of those films that leaves you wishing there were more like it. Very authentic.

I have continued creating some new jewelry. I ordered a nice piece of blue beryl, aka aquamarine, cut and set it. Looked very pretty. But I guess I didn’t put enough super glue on the post because I discovered it had fallen off yesterday, and now I can’t find it. I know it has to be somewhere here, because I hadn’t left the house. But whenever something like that happens – like when my smoky quartz bracelet broke soon after getting it – I just figure it’s not meant for me to wear. I do hope I find it, because it’s a very pretty crystal, cost me like $30, and I would like to send it to my mom. I have ordered a piece of celestite that I am going to attempt to make a pendant from. Apparently, it doesn’t normally form large crystals like quartz, so I might have to do a cluster kind of setting. I think it will resonate well with me. I have a big piece on my altar by my bedside, and love it. I did get a piece of kyanite at the antique store yesterday. It seems to keep showing up whenever I’m looking at crystals online.

So I guess I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Sure doesn’t seem like much, but I am happy, so there’s that. I am still open to doing more, but maybe I need to focus more on being instead of doing. Maybe it’s about growing inside instead of out. Maybe a lot really is going on, just on the subtle levels. That’s what I’m telling myself. And honestly, I don’t know what the “doing” would be anyway. I watched another interesting show about a young guy who had autism, and he was going around to different Native American healers and medicine men and women. Every one of them said the same thing – that they didn’t consider themselves to be medicine people, and didn’t refer to themselves that way – it’s what OTHER people called them. One of them said, “Anyone who calls themselves a medicine man or woman is definitely not one.” I thought that was really interesting, and mirrors what Christ said when asked if he was the son of God.

I’m learning, growing, experiencing, so stuff is happening. And for that, I am grateful.

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