Now, on YouTube!

That’s right – if this blog posts aren’t boring and confusing enough, I’m on YouTube now to further confound you! Lol.

Gotta’ be honest, I was pretty nervous, and although pretty happy with the first vid, know I have a lot of room for improvement. My favorite part was the little “Ding!” when I gave a shout out to this site – oh man, that cracked me up. So I want to try to loosen up a bit and inject more humor. We are in some pretty heavy times, for sure. But if there is one thing I KNOW, it’s that God/Spirit/Universe/Source has a sense of humor. So look for more of that.

And I will probably try to keep them a bit shorter, if I can. It’s just tough, because there is SO much, everything truly is connected. That’s why I’ve not yet been able to get a book together – just too much.

So we’ll see how this goes. People have been telling me since I was young that I should have been a comedian – perhaps that was their nice way of saying, “You’ve got a face made for comedy” lol.

Not sure if I will keep posting here too or not, but guessing I will, especially when I don’t have the time or the conditions aren’t right to make a video. It will be nice to have an additional outlet. Maybe I can figure out the perfect mix – a little blog, a dash of Twitter, maybe just a HINT of Facebook – throw some YouTube on that thang and let it rip! Modern prophet gotta’ prophesy somehow, am I right?

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