Rene Guenon – What a Great Find!

So I recently discovered a spiritual writer that I had never read before, Rene Guenon, and I am blown away by just how similar his thoughts are to mine, and how deeply I resonate with his beliefs. He lived from 1886-1951, so he is not contemporary by any means. Still, his writing seems as poignant and pertinent as one could expect, and I am greatly enjoying reading it.

In fact, the other day, I experienced some awesome synchronicity with it/him. On the ride to work, I was thinking about my blog, my writing, and how it has always seemed there is no real audience, no appetite for it. I then thought about Rene’s work and the fact that, as far as I am aware, it is little known of, at least here in the US. My line of thinking continued, and I got a bit of an intuitive thought about the idea that people like him, me, Gaetan, etc, weren’t really writing stuff for mass appeal. We were/are leaving clues, information, ideas gained from our experiences for those who will follow in later times. I even thought about that old phrase in Bible where Christ talked about not “casting pearls before the swine,” and how it might relate.

Later that same day, as I was reading the Guenon book, I was a but stunned to read exactly what I had been thinking that morning – about how he viewed his purpose as just that, leaving information for those seekers who would follow, and even included that very same verbiage from the Bible about casting pearls! It was pretty breathtaking, and an awesome example of synchronicity, the kind that lets me know I am on the Path, and I absolutely LOVE! I truly feel a kinship with this guy, and am devouring the book I got.

I’ve been really keen on making some progress on the spiritual level, about deepening my understanding of and my connection to Source. I’m feeling like this Guenon material could be the next “Ultimate Frontier,” the next “Templar Tradition” – 2 books that catapulted me into new levels of awareness. Indeed, it seems that way so far. I am excited to continue reading and grateful for the new guidance. I love how, whenever I think I’ve discovered all the wisdom there is to discover, more appears. And I say thank you God!

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