Sucker for punishment, or guy with real perseverance?

I guess that’s the question to be asked at this point, as I have created yet ANOTHER website in hopes of actually doing something. This one, I created with the primary intent of selling bracelets and perhaps some other stuff eventually. I built it on GoDaddy, have a blog on it, linked to the Tarot readings on Etsy, and am hoping to maybe actually start selling some stuff. Debbie had the idea of selling bracelets, and I tried to list them on Etsy, but they have all this restrictions in place for stuff that isn’t truly handmade. Now I know from having bought some bracelets myself from a wholesaler that a LOT of the items I see listed on Etsy as handmade sure look a LOT like the ones I bought. But I didn’t want to game the system, so I started looking into what it would take to create my own site. Little did I realize that the GoDaddy website builder I used to OUT has an option for an ecommerce site. I gave it a whirl, and voila! was born.

Honestly I think the site looks REALLY good – better than any of my previous sites. Was easy to list my first bracelet, layout is great – already lots of preconfigured widgets for selling – even automagically created an Outlook account for it. I’m really impressed with GoDaddy’s software. Looks like it will run me about $20/mo which isn’t bad at all. I changed the Facebook page just a little but, renamed it to The Eternal Temple to match up, and plan on eventually using it to advertise a little more. Once we get back from our trip to Cleveland to see the grandkids, I plan on promoting it on my personal Facebook page too. I don’t want to do that yet though, because we will be out of town for a week, and it would suck if some sales did come in while I was out! Lol.

I have accepted at this point that the site may not be any more successful than any of my other ones. I am ok with whatever happens. I enjoy working on it, and so for me, it is a hobby as much as anything. I am going into this one with literally no expectations. I do hope that a few people outside of family do at least see the site, as I think it it looks great. Even though GD does have templates all ready to go, there is still a lot of customizing to be done, from picking fonts and theme colors, to images, to adding/ordering of widgets, etc. And in respect to all of that, I think it’s truly awesome. I keep looking at it thinking “If I were to have come across this site, I would think it’s good!” Of course my tastes don’t necessarily match up with most people’s – I think that’s always been the rub. But Tessi and Emilee both said it looks good, and isn’t too wordy, so maybe that’s a good sign. Time will tell.

Like I said – I’m being patient for now. When I get back from Cleveland, I’m really going to start promoting it. Honestly, my dream would be to do enough sales that I could quit my job at SRP and do it full time. That would be awesome – to make a living doing something I love. But I would have to really do some sales to make that happen, because I make pretty good money at SRP. There is a part of me that is just a wee bit fearful too – wondering what would happen if, by some miracle, the site REALLY took off and I got bombarded with sales? How would I handle that? I was thinking I would just put everyone in the family, Debbie and all the kids, to work! Lol. Hey, it could happen. One thing is certain – my mom was right when she said “You’re a bull-headed little fucker!” haha. I’m not one to give up easily on my dream, and The Eternal Temple WILL reach its intended audience eventually!

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