My little Hummingbird buddy

I’ve noticed over the last year or 2 that when I take Cooper for a walk, there is this little hummingbird that seems to live in or near an orange tree down by the lakes. I love seeing him (or her, I don’t know really lol) so I started trying to mimic his little sounds he makes to “call” him. I’ve noticed a number of times that he will show up when I do so, and it’s really cool. I do feel like I am communicating with him, and it warms my heart.

Last night, I didn’t see him at all down by the lakes and was a little disappointed as I always am when I don’t see him. But as was getting closer to home, a thought popped into my head that maybe he would show up as I got closer to the house…? Lo and behold, as I opened the gate to throw Cooper’s doozlebaum away, there he was hovering right there above that little area! I was so stoked, I started making my little sounds, and flitted around a few times, hovering and looking at me, then flew off. It was so cool! It was like a real connection, on another level. It brought a joy to my heart that I can’t even describe.

And while it might sound silly, I thought to myself – that is what magic REALLY is: that interconnectedness – that true oneness. There is nothing like it – it truly is magical. And when I thought about it before going to sleep last night, it brought tears to my eyes. I’ve always felt like, at some time, perhaps in another time, in another life, I knew that connectedness – I experienced it, and have LONGED for it all my life. Not as one who wants it, but as one who had it, and lost it.

So who knows. All this pining for magic, all this wishing, hoping and praying – maybe it is returning. Maybe I am starting to experience it, in the way that is unique to me – my magic. I think everyone probably has their own manifestation, with some commonalities I’m sure. That’s kind of what I am getting out of the book on Shamanism that I am reading: each shaman, each clan or tradition, has their own “spin” on things. And while there are some common themes, there is no one methodology or version. And perhaps that’s how it is with magic. Now that I think about it, I remember thinking that if I could have one magical ability, communicating with animals or healing would probably be the top 2 contenders. Wow… my little buddy really has me thinking – hmmmm… 🙂

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