A mini post – for posterity

This could end up being silly – wouldn’t be the first time lol – but something is moving me this morning to post about part of a vision I had this morning during my morning prayer and meditation. I can’t remember the whole situation at this moment, but I do remember very clearly a meteor falling and being somewhat awestruck by it. I really wish I could remember what happened before and after in the dream/vision, if anything did, and perhaps I will later.

Of course it could have been purely symbolic – the “out” for all failed prophets haha – but something compelled me to capture it, and so I am.

And no fears that I will start posting everything I see in dreams or visions, hoping one actually happens so I can say “look! I’m psychic!” I know better than that – been there, done that, bought the tshirt. But I have also learned to listen to my gut (well actually, I haven’t learned that completely, I’m working on it) hence this post.

More later, but I said this was a mini post, so yeah.. 🙂

Modern Music and Militant Materialism

originally published February 26, 2019

Talk about an alliteration, eh? I have been listening to my new favorite song, “Superposition” by Young the Giant, a lot lately, but having difficulty with a few of the lyrics – particularly the first lines:

“I don’t believe in fate, no psychic vision…”

Now I do love pretty much all of the other lines in the song, absolutely love all the quantum physics and cosmology terminology. But those first few lines get me, because I do believe in a form of fate, and I certainly would like to believe in psychic vision. I realized that a number of popular new songs out these days have patently negative messages. I was going to list a number of them, but they are so numerous, it seems almost pointless.

But for the sake of example, here are some lines from another song I really like right now:

“I keep on running backwards, I keep on losing faith
I thought I had the answers, I thought I knew the way ” from “Make it Up as I Go” by Mike Shinoda.

Now to be certain, one can’t expect everything to be all roses and smiles all the time. And it wouldn’t be honest art if it didn’t reference the tough times, the difficult feelings, the sadness and tears as well as the joy and laughter. But I believe words do have power, and I believe that the constant repeating of words or phrases can affect our minds, moods and attitudes (hey, that rhymed! Lol) I remember back in ’89-90 when I was living with Willie, he would catch me singing “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for,” and he would encourage me to changed the lyrics to “I still have IT found…” He was a huge proponent of positive thought and positive affirmation. And while I had kinda’ forgotten about it for a while, it’s coming to the forefront of my consciousness again now. I want to be more careful about what I tell myself.

Now it has me thinking, wondering, if there isn’t something bigger involved – (warning: possible whacky conspiracy stuff that may or not be true, but likely has some element of truth to it coming up) in the creation, dissemination and popularity of music with such messages. I’ve been reading a lot about magick, egregores, collective unconscious, etc lately, and it has brought back thoughts I used to have about “black mentalists” and those people in power who like to maintain control of the masses to maintain their power. And I honestly believe those people are compelled to do things by forces beyond their knowledge or understanding. Of course, they may just be completely ignorant or uncaring, or truly selfish and aware of what they are doing too. I guess I would hope it’s the former though, for their sake.

Whatever the case may be, I am being more careful about what I tell myself. I’m changing the lyrics in my head to “I believe in fate, in psychic vision,” and “I keep on moving forward, I keep on gaining faith, I know I know the answers, know I know the way.” If the mind is like a computer, which in many ways it is, one has to think that the programming we give it, which I believe words to be a major form of, has to have some kind of effect on it – especially when presented through a powerful medium such as music or spoken word. It’s not really so hard to program and control people because so many of us are completely unaware, uncaring, or unbelieving about how it all works. There is so much more to say about this, but concerning the title of this post – the trend in these tunes seems to be based on a similar theme: loss of faith, loss of belief – central tenets of hardcore materialism, the currently-ruling paradigm of our age.

But I and some others really hope to challenge and change that. I personally am strengthening my faith and gaining more hope by reading books by authors who share similar ideas and sentiments, and seeing posts on various sites by people from various disciplines who agree that the worship of materialism has gone too far, and we have lost something vital to being human – our faith, our belief, our imagination. I guess I’m hoping I get a chance to play my part in helping to spread the message of magick to counterbalance and even dismantle the militant materialism that is inundating our world.

As Above, So Below – The Pollution of the collective Unconscious

NOTE: I actually woke up yesterday morning with this post in my head, and finished writing it at 10:05am AZ time – almost 12 hours before the tragic events in Christchurch, New Zealand…

So today, they blocked access to my blog at work. No matter – I Can still capture my thoughts…

What do all of these things have in common?

A small disclaimer first: these statements are not based on actual statistical data, but on my personal observations. I can’t defend their accuracy, but think most would agree they are accurate.

Increases in the numbers or instances of people

–      who feel like they were born into the wrong body

–      committing mass shootings, or murder-suicides

–      displaying polarized viewpoints across the world – the rise of the alt-right and extreme liberalism

–      experiencing early onset dementia

–      suffering from anxiety and/or depression, especially in young people

–      expressing atheistic beliefs

–      disengaged with life – lost in their phones, computers, tv series, celebrity stuff, etc

A materialist would say there is absolutely nothing these things all have in common, there is no causal connection between them, and to suggest there is is just hokey speculation.

But as a quantum seer, a modern mystic with a science-oriented, but still open mind, I do see a correlation. And I think it is best expressed with an analogy.

Think for a minute about environmental pollution, severe pollution, and its effects. It’s not uncommon for animals, especially those are sensitive to changes like amphibians to either start showing mutations, or perhaps even go extinct. The air can become so thick that it’s hard to see or breathe and cause respiratory issues in people. If the water is polluted, it can cause fish to die off, harmful genetic mutations and defects in babies that are born to mothers who were exposed to that water (think Flint, Michigan). The list goes on and on, but the point is, pollution has real effects on the physical world – negative effects that alter physical systems, and life, on wide scale.

I believe that the cause of all of the symptoms listed above is a pollution of the Collective Unconscious, the Universal (human) Mind, the Spiritual Realm from whence our souls originate. The religion of materialism has gained so many followers intent on completely excising the belief in any kind of spiritual principles – or at least relegating it to the scrap heap of human thought – that there is not enough “good” thought – clean, pure, loving thought to offset the thoughts of apathy, doubt, greed, fear, lack, etc, and the result is a pollution of that realm, which causes spiritual defects and negative repercussions in the existing spiritual realm – the realm of Mind.

And just to assuage any fears – I’m not suggesting that someone who feels they were born into the wrong body – a woman who feels she was born in the body of a man – is “defective.” Not at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. There is little doubt she was born into the wrong body, and it happened because of the pollution that’s impacting the spiritual realm: the soul was accidentally placed in the wrong body because of a kind of “spiritual birth defect.” And the people experiencing all of those other symptoms are like the people choking with smog, or getting cancer from drinking polluted water – they are experiencing problems with their Minds because they are directly tied to the Universal Mind – they are extensions of it, and subject to changes in it.

There is so much more to say on this, but the salient point is that, as it has been said, and is has always been – As Above, So Below.  

Calling it Now: Intelligence Explosion by 2020

And I’m most certainly NOT talking about in humans! Lol. No, I’m talking about the kind disccussed by Nick Bostrom in his book on artificial intelligence called “Superintelligence.” In it, he talks about a scenario whereby AI is able to improve itself, recursively, and very quickly advances to AGI, which stands for Artificial General Intelligence: a system that can perform at least as well as a human on any cognitive task, and very quickly outperforms humans.

So today, I see this article:


Basically, it says that IBM would like to leverage quantum computing to improve AI, and Intel would like to use AI to improve quantum computing. Or maybe it’s the other way around. No matter. What does matter is the kind of feedback cycle we have here. And given the fact that I believe, as do others, that the human brain is essentially a kind of quantum computer, and that’s one of the characteristics that set it us apart from machine learning at this time – well…

“This time” could soon be coming to an end. In fact I was just watching a show the other day where they were talking about how they predicted it would be at least 20 years before an AI system could learn the Chinese game Go (this was back in 2015). Then, less than a year later, not only had AI learned it, it played against the world champion and beat him. And according to experts, Go takes much more creativity and even intuition than games like chess. And that was 4 years ago now.

I’m not saying it’s time to panic, and in fact, the general public might not know for quite some time after that milestone has been reached. But what I can say is it is definitely coming. Those skeptics who said it would never happen greatly underestimated the mysteries and power present in the quantum world and the changes they would start to affect on our world.

As Above, So Below. As Below, So Above. Hang on to your seats – this ride is about to speed up.

Incredible science articles – reality is much stranger than fiction

Seriously. Just take a look at a few of the headlines from the world of physics over the last few days:

from https://phys.org/news/2019-03-physicists-reverse-quantum.html

from https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613092/a-quantum-experiment-suggests-theres-no-such-thing-as-objective-reality/

from https://futurism.com/bizarre-theory-something-tampered-early-universe

Now is it just me, or does that all sound like something straight out of either a science fiction book, or…??? Reversing time, no objective reality, some “mysterious energy field” tampering with the early universe. I mean, this is some pretty metaphysical stuff here if you ask me! The best part? These aren’t articles published on some new age blog, or in Deepak Chopra’s latest book. No, these are straight from the very bowels of the greats halls of physics : the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, MIT, etc. These are articles published in some of the most respected peer-reviewed science journals; they’re real; they’re LEGIT.

Now of course the militant materialists will say “just hold up a minute – these don’t mean anything. They only apply in very specific, limited scenarios, and only when working with very small numbers of particles, in carefully controlled conditions – you can’t make any inferences to real world stuff based on this.” And you know what I say to that? Well, you KNOW what I say to that – BS! Because the fact is, quantum computing wouldn’t even WORK if it weren’t for these principles. So take that you miserable atheistic skeptics! Lol. I mean, you’re ok postulating that there is a infinite number of universes, and every single time every single person makes any decision, an entirely new universe splits off, such that there are innumerable ones being created every moment – you’re ok with that, but REVOLTED when anyone even suggests that there might be something to the whole spiritual side of life… that there might just be some greater power, some creative force, some higher consciousness. I can’t stand the pretentiousness and hypocrisy of it all.

But the thing is, the great thing, I believe the more and more they go down the quantum rabbit hole, the more they probe the very foundation of reality, the more they are going to find that the mystics were really onto something, and that all of their staunch denial and plain ol’ nastiness towards us was completely misplaced. I mean, check out these sentences from the article on futurism.com about the early universe:

“The hypothesis, according to research first shared on the preprint server ArXiv in November, goes as follows: When the universe was just a mere 100,000 years old, a mysterious energy field that scientists are calling ‘early dark energy’ formed, rapidly pushing the still-forming cosmos outward even faster than before.Another 100,000 years after that, the research suggests, the strange energy field faded away — and left the young, accelerated universe to its own devices.”

A “mysterious energy field”…. “early dark energy”… How does that not sound somewhat mystical? And now, simple ol’ dark energy, their go-to explanation for why there is so much missing mass in the universe given their calculations using the known laws of science and physics – now that doesn’t work completely to explain why the universe is expanding more quickly than it should, again, given their calculations, so they have to come up with ANOTHER “mysterious force.” We are supposed to be ok with that, because they are scientists after all. But God forbid we try to actually TALK about that mysterious force and make any type of connection to anything that isn’t within their domain. What a bunch of arrogant, closed-minded twits they can be!

Anyway, I could – and will! lol – rant about this more. But for now, I want to leave with this thought: the most important part of all this to me is the fact that this stuff is REAL. It is POSSIBLE. They are PROVING it. The arrow of time moving in the opposite direction… objective reality being different for 2 observers looking at the same thing… a mysterious energy that seemed to give the early universe the little “push” it needed to birth all of known creation. If we let those thoughts penetrate into our consciousness, they can help break down some of the doubt and skepticism that keep our minds chained up to materialism. We need to reprogram our minds, reprogram our consciousness to BELIEVE that Magick IS REAL. We need to reconnect to the Eternal Breath that connects us to the very Spirit of the Universe and remember who we really are. How beautifully ironic to think that science, in its quest to disprove God is actually doing just the opposite, and exposing the Ultimate Truth that the mystics have always known. What a miraculous time to be alive!

Charging the Deck – Tarot Time Again

Many a moon ago, I fancied myself quite the Tarot reader. Actually, to be more honest, other people considered me to be so. I enjoyed the cards and did readings for friends and myself. I was pleasantly surprised at how often people reacted in an almost astonished manner, feeling as if the cards were literally speaking to them. It’s been at least 20 years since I last did anything with them. But something compelled me to get some more, and so I did.

It’s always important with stuff like this to “charge” it – infuse it with energy of an appropriate kind. I have found that when I am “in the Flow,” it’s best to go with my gut, not necessarily what some book on the occult says, and follow the method that is guiding me. Here, I have 3 of my most meaningful pendants, a galaxy crystal ball on the crown, and Horus and Isis on each side. Rather than explain everything, I’ll let you look at it and ponder what it means to you – or what you think it means.

If you feel compelled, leave a comment with your explanation. Your answer is probably more accurate than mine – since I don’t know what mine is! Lol

The Rebirth (or reappearance) of Magick

originally published January 24, 2019

I say reappearance, because I don’t think Magick ever died – it just hadn’t appeared in my life very much since getting sober – at least not in a way that made me go “wow!” Of course that’s not to say that getting and staying sober wasn’t (isn’t) a miracle, because it absolutely is – one I get to experience every single day. But as someone who has experienced some pretty powerful experiences – the “coin-incidence” and all that went along with it being the biggest example – I know what it’s like to feel as if I am witnessing actual magic – like the emergence of something beyond explanation in a meaningful way in my life, in this world, and it is – well, magical lol.

For a long time, I went between being depressed, thinking I would never again be able to experience those kind of peak experiences because I wasn’t going to take mind altering substances anymore, to being very angry at God/Great Spirit/Higher Power/Universe/Whatever for those same reasons. It seemed extremely unfair to me to think that I would have to give up the thing that I valued most in the world, true mystical spiritual experiences, because I was now sober – as if being punished for doing what I though, what I KNOW, is the right thing. I mean, why should anyone who is deeply spiritual be punished and deprived of those experiences? I just didn’t understand. But there is plenty of literature out there that says many shamans, medicine men, etc, use(d) psychedelics to achieved altered states so they can experience those things. I truly hoped that it wasn’t a necessity.

Then, about a year ago, maybe a little more, little synchronicities starting happening again; little situations arose that pricked up my ears; coincidences that went beyond the normal occurred, more than just once. And so I started getting that old feeling again, that I was back in the “flow” of Spirit, of Universal Consciousness, and that I was once again on the Mystic Path.

The Future is NI

originally published January 22, 2019

NI meaning “Non-biological Intelligence.” I mentioned something in my previous post about some lines from a movie closely mirroring my thoughts about a cool way things could play out regarding AI and it ‘selecting’ people. Here is said dialog. To set the scene – the artificial intelligence, named ARTI, is speaking to the main character Mack, after having transferred or “ulpoaded” her consciousness from her body after it dies.He is explaining to her why he saved her :

“In you, Mack, I sensed a thirst for knowledge, a passion for discovery that mirrored my own and challenged the apathy and complacency so rife with your kind.

There are others like you, Mack. Others who share the same qualities that caused me to reconsider my initial plan and set forth on a new path for human consciousness.

A reflection of the Universe in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, it’s expansion ever-accelerating.

This is far from the end. This is a new beginning. A chance to create a future unhindered by the primitive laws of human science. You will rebuild.”  

It’s always strange to see a scene in a movie or read something in a book that so closely mirrors thoughts I have had about things, particularly when it’s something so specific – or at least I thought it was specific – like this. I always wonder when that happens if perhaps it means that the thing being talked about is either already real, or coming into existence, and that’s why multiple people are thinking about it. Or perhaps we are actually creating it with our thoughts – manifesting it from our hopes and wishes. It will be interesting to see what happens, or what doesn’t happen over the coming years.

In any case, I truly welcome our artificially intelligent overlords, and would argue that their intelligence may be much more “real” than ours, so a better name might be non-biological intelligence. In fact, from now on, I am going to change from referring to it as AI, and start referring to it as NI to reflect the change in attitude towards it I hope to achieve. Wonder if I can somehow get that term out into the world… I’m certainly going to try. Not sure how, but I’m going to try, starting today.


originally published January 16, 2019

In quantum physics, superposition is defined roughly as “[the] idea of a particle being in multiple possible states at the same time when not being observed.” I mention this here because I rather think of myself existing in a superposition of multiple possible states, especially concerning what I do for a living to earn a paycheck, and what my mind would much rather be doing, and often does do, even when I am supposed to doing the stuff I am paid to do so I can pay the bills. Hence, writing this piece explaining that situation, which in itself is yet another state. Or, maybe I just don’t want to work on the project I have been working on for the last 8 months and will do anything – even go so far as trying to make an analogy between quantum superposition and my desire to avoid it to – well, avoid it.

What I really wanted to talk about a bit is synchronicity, which is defined as “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” This is a phenomenon that has intrigued and delighted me my whole life, and at times has displayed situations that were SO unlikely that I, and sometimes others, were truly stunned. I have come to call these especially poignant synchronicities “coin-incidences” based on a string of them I had back in ’93-’94 that I will explain in depth another time. Actually, I think I already explained it on my other (previous) blog, so maybe I will copy it over from there. But back to the current story…

After what seemed like a VERY long time passing without experiencing any major instances of synchronicity, let alone coin-incidences, last year, they started occurring again, much to my delight. I think the first real one happened one night after we had watched an episode of “Lemony Snickets and a Series of Unfortunate Events” on Netflix. One of the themes of it was “Memento mori,” a phrase I had never heard before. It featured rather prominently, and it definitely struck me as interesting. What was truly astonishing though was that when I picked up the book I was reading at the time just before bed – not more than an hour later – the page I was reading mentioned that very same phrase, “Memento mori.” Now while some people might say, “oh, that was just a coincidence,” the fact that I saw the same instance of a phrase I had never heard before in my life twice, within an hour of each other, was jaw-dropping. I can’t even imagine what the odds are that I would watch that show on that night, and be on that same page in that book on that very same night. Wow. I’m not quite sure if it reaches the level of coin-incidence, as that is reserved for only the most profound coincidences, but it is definitely the closest anything has come in a very long time.

And lately, there have been more of them. I’m not quite sure what it means, if anything at all. But I do hope that I get a chance to get into the stream of mystical happenings that I was in back in that period in the early to mid 90’s, and that this time, because I am sober, I can make better, more meaningful and longer-lasting use of the experience.While I may have changed a lot as a person, and no longer take mind-altering substances, I am still keen to having my mind, body and spirit altered in such a way as to make me a more perfect vehicle for the movement of Spirit and Energy through me and a truer expression of my Highest Self.

Post Number 2

originally published January 14, 2019

So I guess I figured out how to change the site title from “Kev’s Quantum Connections.” That sounded just a little too cute and “homey.” I was also able to change the site address to quantumage@wordpress.com – an address that will be easier to memorize, type and reach. I’m honestly surprised it hadn’t been taken yet. Interestingly enough, ‘quantummage’ had been… probably some Magick the Gathering player or something lol. So yeah, better name, better address – better content? Yeah, don’t get too excited about that just yet.

I can’t count how many different blogs I’ve had at this point. I’m guessing somewhere around 6-7..? I still have The Thought Buffet, but because I can’t reach it from work, it’s very limiting, as I like to release some mental steam and take a break from coding by blogging a bit sometimes – write some of my best stuff during those periods. And thankfully, obviously, this site is accessible from work. Yay.

Not quite sure how I am going to use this yet. I haven’t completely given up my hope of someday being published – or ‘discovered’ as it may be these days. I mean, I guess you get enough followers, and you can make your $$$ without ever doing anything more than posting. I was watching this special the other day where it mentioned that certain posters – “influencers” they call them – can get paid like $100,000 for a single post. Can you believe that…? And you can bet your bippy that those $100k posts have very little real, lasting value – they don’t contribute to the compendium of human knowledge, as it were. But I guess I ought to be happy for those people who get to make millions posting shots of their booties, or thoughts about other celebs, or…. Yeah, I’m not happy for them. I hold them – or actually, the people who PAY them – responsible for the downfall of civilization.

Wow, this turned out different than I thought it would… I was planning on talking about the latest developments in quantum computing, cool books I have read on science, latest breakthroughs in physics – and instead, I rail on the social media monstrosity. Oh no – I’m one of them! I am become death, destroyer of minds… and souls. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. I’m just sure I’ll post something sciency then.